Naked before you…


This is a mock up of the book I have been working on for eight years. And there’s a lie behind this image… I wasn’t by the moon, I was in plain, august heat and sun in the desert, Joshua Tree circa 2000. It was probably the first time EVER in my life that I got naked outside my bedroom or bathroom. It was a raw moment indeed, and had a great photographer to capture my moment. And yes, I later married this man! :)

Picture aside, I want to be really, really naked (no, sorry, not literally, just figuratively!)… I have been “on the spiritual journey” since Celestine Prophecy came to be, and I had read book after book on how to be a happier person, connected to God, and connected to my soul.

It wasn’t until I had my spirited first daughter that I was rocked to my core. She was challenging beyond hell, and all my spiritual mumbo jumbo made no difference. I tried, I so tried, and although I tried, my demons were getting bigger and bigger. Yet, her life, and her soul inspired me to be better, do better, and to seek help & resources. And did I ever! When I say I tried everything, I mean I tried everything!

I softened to myself, embraced compassion, and kept looking for resources. And when I tell you that nothing shifted me like The Zone Method, I mean Nothing Shifted me like the Zone Method. Nothing.

Did my life change overnight like the pill we all want to take and puff be in heaven? Sorry, no. But I will tell you what it did do… I accept every moment as it is, I accept my feelings, I accept her feelings, I am fricken PRESENT in the moment.

I have read so many Buddhist books explaining this place, and I always LONGED for that. And now I have it. It’s pretty fricken cool. The clouds didn’t part and I didn’t hear angels singing, but in some ways, it is like that every moment.

It takes a level of commitment, yes. I have to stay awake, and I have to stay honest with myself. And I deeply accept every moment. I don’t love them all, but I’ve noticed that acceptance quickly leads me to peace. And who doesn’t love to feel peaceful?

My practice with my spirited little girl and this Zone has spiraled a life that is PRESENT and AUTHENTIC.

I was shown this method over a year ago, and I have waited this long to bring it to others because I wanted to make sure it worked. And yes, it works! I love being IN THE NOW. :)

I really, really, really want others to move away from having an intellectual understanding of being PRESENT and moving into EXPERIENCING a life of moment by moment of full PRESENCE. This is what this method provides for you, being fully here in the moment, every fricken moment.

The gift? Honestly, that’s up to you what you do with being present. I promise to show you how to be present, and the rest is your call on what you do with that. What I know is that your mind will be quiet, the true you will come forward, and manifesting becomes clearer.

I promise to teach you how to experience alignment between you & your soul, and how to tell the difference between your Truth and your Suffering.

This is NOT a intellectual experience, this is an experiential existence; and I can show you how to move from your head to your full senses. If you want to think yourself into happiness, this is not the course for you. Believe me, I’m as heady as they get, but I have not found myself closer to Buddha nature by thinking, only by experiencing life.

If this intrigues you, and if this inspires you, join me to have for FREE the experience of The ZONE.

This will give you a taste for it, and if you want to learn the method, you can join me Dec. 14th. (check it out!)

Put this on your calendars: Thursday October 10, 2013 7-8:30pm, I will be offering a FREE group tele-conference.  The number:

Dial – (559) 726-1000
Enter Access Code – 975607#

Questions? email me,

My wish is that everyone get out of their heads, into their bodies, and live fully! Can I hear an amen? Amen!

Can you feel the OM? You will!


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type A forced to be ZEN


If you’ve been reading my newsletter or blog for a while, you know I’m a blend of type A and go-with-the-flow. A sort of dual personality kind of person. Let me rephrase; in my social life I go with it, knowing who and what I like, but in business, when I’m driving the boat, I am all type A.

I am working for a company who, let’s just say, moves at a pace that is like nails on a chalk board to my overactive brain. No problem, I venture, “I was brought here to shift, change, and direct the efforts in an upward trend.”

Nine months later, “What? You don’t like to constantly have your life turned upside down because change requires you to do uncomfortable things all the time? Change requires you to move through fear, status quo, and adapt, and just as you are feeling settled, to yes, change some more.

“What are you saying? It’s not fun? I’m an alien? You may have a point there.”

I’m bummed! I’ve made it my life’s journey to change, not always pretty, and certainly not always pretty to my loved ones who have to watch me be self-absorbed in my metamorphosis. But, I get it, most people do not think this is fun or necessary.

Should I choose to stay with this painfully slow caterpillar, I have a choice to take a step back and move away from my push it until it bursts agenda, slow down, and experience a different kind of existence. A zen experiment of accepting what is, and being successful anyway. Focusing on attracting the results exactly where I am, without having to change the business at all.

Oh, man, this is ubber hard for me! I know what’s wrong, and I know how to fix it; just do what I say!!!! LOL. And yet, the caterpillar just cannot listen to one more instruction. The caterpillar has eaten all it can, and is ready to rest.

So, I take the rest. I settle into (or try to anyway) focusing on the day to day, coach the team, support the staff, and trust that this zen experiment will be what it will be. I have done my part.

I now hold space for the transformation; the quiet transformation that is visible to none, but deeply experienced by the creature inside.

Or I get a hobby. :)

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tribal consciousness


When I first saw this image part of me was affected and part of me thought that all the consipiracy theories can seem absurd. And in fact, of course they seem absurd, if we buy into the tribal consciousness we create.

If the safety net of what we have created (government, religion, family structure, business) feels like Truth to us, consiparacy theories and the likes go against every cell in our bodies.

Many of us rely on these safety nets to feel like we belong, or at least like we have a reason and purpose to pretend the roles we play feel in alignment.

But, what happens if we give ourselves permission to separate from this tribal consciousness?

What happens if we separate to the point that it no longer makes sense why we get up to do what we do? Some people call this middle age crisis, and others middle age breakthrough.

I was brought up to be a good girl. Do what is right, even if you feel like the outfit does not fit. I’ll tell ya, I felt out of sorts my whole life. I have never truly belonged with any group. I have played roles very well trying to plug into the consciousness of each group, but for the most part, I have taken what I needed to in order to grow, and have moved on. Sometimes feeling guilty, or like “maybe there’s something wrong with me?”

I have hidden places of myself and not allowed most to see it. When I was younger because I wanted to be liked,and later in my life because I thought “this will freak them out”. And honestly, it probably does. I don’t want to be an outcast here, and yet I experiment with things most would think it out there.

The more and more I exist, the more I get that yes, I am out there but I also kinda like where I am. I’m in some ways a scientist at heart, a mad one at that! I experiment with metaphysics.

Good ol’ wikipedia explains it as:

Metaphysics is a traditional branch of philosophy concerned with explaining the fundamental nature of being and the world,[1] although the term is not easily defined.[2] Traditionally, metaphysics attempts to answer two basic questions in the broadest possible terms:[3]

  1. What is there?
  2. What is it like?

I have been meditating for so long now and love it, and I think that for a long time I meditated because I could connect to all the unseen aspects of myself in a more profound way. Whether it lowered stress or not, that was not my concern; I wanted to know myself and God more intimately, in a more personal way.

When I see the two questions above, I realize that what I have been trying to answer is:

1. who am I?

2. what am I like?

3. how can I be of service to the world as I answer #1 and #2?

For me, it has mostly been about sharing my experience. Sharing where I am. Sometimes my struggles and solutions. I have been open when I’m a student, and a little shy about being a teacher.

My scorpio nature has made me more of an introvert about what lies hidden within me, and as I embody more and more my archetypal Cancer nature, I realize that my sharing of these sacred feminine aspects can serve others.

This exposing is not all about altruism, but rather a liberating experience for me to anchor who I am.

Recently I volunteered in my daughter’s school project to build a mandala. “Mandala is a sanskrit word that means circle” , explained Sarah Haskell, the artist who led this project. All of us who have been involved in any sort of mandala know it is a healing journey to the Self. As I glued the ribbons with messages written by the children, I read one “Being yourself is how you should live”, and the name of the little girl that wrote it was Asha.

A more perfect moment I could not have orchestrated on my own.

One Mandala in process

Another Mandala, now complete!

 I love the never ending feel mandala’s inspire, as if in this journey to allow ourselves to be whole, we are constantly confronted and inspired to see deeper levels of who we are.

“The new female is not limited in any way. She yearns to give the gifts she was born to give, and she does what is necessary to give them. Where her heart leads, she goes. No one defines her role for her. She is on a spiritual journey. Authentic Power is her destination”….
~ Gary Zukav ♥

Sacred Chalice Principle #6. “Permission” is no longer needed. You are here to create with free will. Expand this awareness.

May we each give ourselves permission to explore who we are…


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Energy drains


Whether in work, family, or life, we can find ourselves drained by people, situations, and in fact, our own thoughts.

Some of us have the skill set to know when is time to remove our focus from energy drains, but then some of us get caught up in the drama, or the obsession of trying to fix it.

At some point, hopefully before going down the rabbit hole of stress, it would serve us to stop, access, and refocus.

That’s what I did this week. I took my power back, I spotted the energy drain, the  impact of it, and managed the risk of two scenarios: 1. focus my energy and fix it, or 2. manage as best I can, but provide the amount of attention based on the impact of the risk.

Basically, I took a 10,000 overhead view of the whole of my priorities, and put my drain in the proper perspective.

Some of us a preconditioned to look at what is wrong (the drain), but the reality is that when we put the drain in it’s proper place and perspective, we realize, it is just a small thing in the scheme of the full picture.

It’s the difference between approaching business and life from a place of let’s fix this, to a place of how can we make what is working even more profound and impact filled.

Alice says it all… may we all go down her rabbit hole of optimism, and focus on the energy gains.


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If this statement is true, then why do so many of us HATE when someone is nudging us to our greatness. There are weirdos like myself who actually PAY someone to do this… a coach.

and then there are some of us, who would prefer to hide our head in the sand, dirt or snow to not face what is going on. Well, I’ll admit I can be a combination of both.

As a coach to others I realize that I can only draw out the focus of growth, and that it is really up to each individual to find their BIG WHY (why they want to nudge themselves out of the comfort zone), to decide, and finally to actually DO it.

There is an element of surrendering my offering, my guidance, and then allowing each person to do what they want. Detach from the outcome.

Not much different than being a parent. You guide, you model your authenticity, and then detach from what they take from it.

May you guide and detach beautifully today!



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being me


photo credit

Some of you know I’m one year into reconnecting with the American Corporate world. A shocker for sure, especially the first few months. I’m a free bird and have issues with rules.

I’ve been lucky at this new gig I’m in because I get to be who I am without apologies. Well, it’s not really the JOB that is giving me that permission, it’s me. And I have observed that there are different levels fo authenticity.

I am triggered some days, and I have a choice to go into a tailspin of feelings and indignation over the corporate structure, or I can just feel what I feel with honesty, let it ride through me, and then be cool w/ the present moment, and go into the self inquiry of “what’s in it for me so that I can be of greater service and blessing to the world?”

What’s in it for me. I say this a lot, as it relates to how most “customers” think. And our job as those who have a service or product to offer is to think , “how can I bless you?”

Through this process of uncovering my own authenticity, and my own mantra of being of service and a blessing to others (it’s a mantra because it is not yet perfected, mind you!) I find ways to support myself.

Today, I took a beautiful andara stone called a Blue Shaman Swirl and wrapped her. The wire is from fifteen years ago (which I bought and have never used), and I tuned into this seemingly lifeless rock and asked her how she wanted to be wrapped. It may sound wacky, but I do ask myself if I lived interacting with everything and everyone with this curiosity and inquiry, how much more REAL my every day experiences could be.

I remember my mother once telling me that my grandmother would talk to her plants and birds… maybe this is not that much different. In turn, I know her plants and birds blessed her with color, sound, and beautiful flowers.

It is about a give and give scenario. We give, and life gives us back.

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talk is cheap, actually changing is oh so delicious.



garba pindasana

 We are all afraid to change. Some of us get that without growing, we die, and so we commit ourselves to a life of constant transformation. I, personally, love to transform. Maybe I’m addicted to observing and experiencing how profound human evolution is, and what can happen when I surrender to giving my entire being over to change.

I do ask myself how one person can be here…


and another here…


I suppose there are many factors. And the point is not to point out the physical differences as more of the transformation that we can allow ourselves to experience. If we want that!

And the reminder that the woman in the second photo has committed her life to yoga, has endured the ups and downs, has been patient with herself through her yoga journey, and most of all, has shown up on a consistant basis & has probably been supported along the way. Ok, I’m assuming here, but she is just my mirror right now.

This image to me is a reminder of commitment, believing, patience, attitude, and support.

A life journey has all these components, and with it come doubt. And that is natural and human and honest.

What do you want to believe?

I am currently observing a group I lead in a transformative journey, and they are not in the pretty stage of it, and in moments neither am I!

I often think of that time in childbirth labor, called transition, when the most shadow thoughts and feelings rise, and you have a choice to follow them and bring everyone else with you, or you stay grounded in your power. In those moments that feel uncomfortable I am claiming my power, sometimes needing to be away from everyone, sometimes staying quiet, sometimes smiling at all that comes at me or with me.

I notice the resistance to change. I notice the baby steps people feel more comfortable making, I notice my impatience with baby steps, and I claim my power and powerlessness all at the same time. Weird, I know, but surrendering it all to the Divine somehow aligns me with a greater power, and that strengthens me. I cannot control the transformation of others or of an entire organization, but I can stand firm in my commitment and hold space for them.

Allow yourself to transform… it is oh, so delicious…

Morpho in her transformative glory


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Be Still & Know that I AM


Constantly redefining. Growth. Change. Metamorphosis.

Life seems to be moving faster than I am. I’m traveling more, spending less time with my family, work is so satisfying and challenging. Today I felt a pull to slow down. To stop, to be still and know that I am all that I need to be. To ground myself in my home, my couch. To snuggle with my daughter even though she’s been yelling at me every night.

Something inside, very inside wanted me to stay home. She wanted me to root back into the wise woman I can be. The woman who intimately knows and understands the hidden laws of being spiritual and on this earth all at the same time.

Yet another part of me fought her. That other part wanted to stay true to my commitment to yoga and see my teacher. She wanted me to spend time away from home, away from cranky morning routines, and have a nice cup of chai with a friend. Yet, 5am came, and I knew something inside wanted stillness.

Stillness. “Be still and know that I AM God” Psalm 46:10. My days of memorizing Bible verses are long gone, but the sweetness of this Psalm reminds me of the power of stillness. When silence and non action can join my physical existence, I am reminded of how holy I am.

It’s funny to say such a thing after the years of being brain washed into thinking that I am a sinner. I have to laugh at the lies we are told. Sinner. The ways those in authority have kept us small, believing we are nothing but wretched beings, victims of our own human nature, and that without the sanctity of their protocol, we remain dirt.

In stillness I am reminded of the beauty in life. Even the plant in the living room seemed to shine. Stillness brought beauty to me this morning, a sense of knowing the precious moment in life.

Thank you beautiful morning for slowing me down in this moment of stillness.


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Upside down


Transitions: uncomfortable places between big events. No, not the wikapedia explanation, but mine, all mine. Um, yes, and I know from experience. Right now, in fact. I’m not in an in a transitional week or month, it’s more like a year. Part of me feels like I’m in a roller coaster ride and yet this super constant, centered part is so ok with the ride, she just knows it’s all good.

I went to a training last weekend, and the instructor (Reinier from Presence in Business) said, “…it’s a cosmic joke”. Something I’ve heard Ammachi (hugging Hindu saint) say. What do they mean?, I thought, then I chucked it up to something enlightened beings know and say. Then, the moment hit me when I got it.

I could tell you how it all happened exactly, but it would make zero sense for anyone but me. But, I felt how things I perceive as good and things I perceive as bad are just a sensation, simply a sensation I feel. I have stories around each/ both and my stories can feed my suffering or my happiness. Sounds simple right? It kinda is.

and I’m sure the moment I post this, something will happen to bring me to my earthly plane. Oh, wait, is that a story? Yes, yes it is.

So, I’m in transition in my life. It can be an uncomfortable place or an exciting place, or a neutral place. I choose. Kinda fun to have choice.

It’s no coincidence that I am working on my headstand these days with intensity.

I used to do headstands, and in fact I remember doing it when I was nine months pregnant and feeling powerful. Then I had a less than powerful birth experience, and my baby had issues. I had not done a headstand since. Until it was time to revisit the scene of the internal crime.

The physical fear took over me. The fears had different outfits; first it was a fear of falling, then it was a fear of hurting my neck, then it was a fear of my teacher leaving me when I was not ready. The last one was the one that shocked me. I came down after an assist and I said, “I’m afraid you are going to leave”.  I couldn’t believe I said that. And I realized that it was not just about him.

It was beyond my teacher walking away when I was not ready, it was about feeling safe when it all looked so different on the flip side, it was about my fear of intimacy, it was recognizing it’s time to make room for love in a deeper way, it was about my body having a memory it so wants to make whole. Or maybe I do.

And maybe my commitment to showing up is what will make it possible (and believe me, even when I show up for my 90 minute almost daily ritual I want to skip the fricken headstand because parts of me, like 99% of me does not want to go there.)

And yet it is all a sensation. One I have attached much story to, one that I am tenaciously and compassionately committed to overcoming, with help and support. And that feels like a transition because I know a day will come when I may not feel fear of headstands any longer, and this season will feel like a long time ago. I write about my transition, mostly to myself to remember that as I get through and thrive in my transition time, I have the chutzpah to do it again (yes, this Venezuelan/Indian woman uses yiddish words!)

Maybe transitions are like being in headstands for some of us.

Let Love Have it’s way with me, (got that one from another friend, teacher… Sao)


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Human flowering


Living in the city for almost two decades, I contended with maintaining, trimming, and sometimes (sadly) taking out rhododendrons. I will admit, I didn’t get them. I didn’t get why house after house in suburbia and even in our room sized yards in the city, we continue to plant them. Personally, I saw them as a nuisance in the urban landscape. (oh, and don’t get me started on the green meatballs crafted by inexperienced homeowner with a weedwacker–oh, let me interject that I am SUCH a novice at gardening, but hey, a novice can have taste!)

THEN, I moved to the country. People here think we are in suburbia, but let me tell you, this suburbia is not. And here’s my first clue: rhododendrons get to grow as large as they please without anyone even thinking that they need to be trimmed. Oh and are they majestic! The enormous green walls created by this magnificent bush provides privacy in every season, and when they flower, oh when they flower… scrumptious. The gorgeous flowers pop overnight and surprise the vision of the spring filled landscape.

As I approach the first flowering rhodi on the property, I realize how amazing it is to be a part of the land that supports a bush that grows however it wants to grow; as big and as wild as I wants to be.

I see how the intricate canopy is home to birds, chipmunks and wild little forest creatures and insects. This feeling of admiring beauty comes over me as if a sense of oneness reflected back to me how I am in the same space of being allowed to grow as large (energetically, mind you!), wild, and beautiful as I want to be. Even when my mind thinks otherwise, I am reminded in this moment to remember the creation fields we play in are confined by our own limitations, even if we think we are trapped by outside rules (tip: the illusions we create in our world are only vanished when we say so.)

Flowering Season:

Immediately after my trippy I am one with the rhodi moment, I realize that the flowers last only for a short season. And I remember that as humans, perhaps that is the case for us as well. We put so much anticipation on the flowering (the pinnacle, the success, the achievement, the moment we claim victory) and almost disregard the journey of growth.

Flowering is but a season, and in between that season, can we enjoy the steps and the phases important to the cycle. Can I appreciate the rhododendron after it has given me the joy of its flower, can I appreciate its expansiveness, its green, its tenacity in the face of winter. And can I do the same for my own path and life. Can you for yours?

You are a seasonal being; accept it. (Sacred Chalice Principle #1)



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